I am an English teacher at Westborough (MA) High School and a writer. I love helping students recognize and reach their full potential while they grow more confident and happy with their successes. I also love reading, writing, hiking, playing music, cooking, and my three cranky cats. I live in Arlington, MA, with my husband and thousands (yes, thousands) of books.

My Teaching Approach:
Choice and Voice, Step by Step

For the last 18 years as a high school English teacher and tutor, my approach to teaching and tutoring is always based on the student: starting at where they are, what they need, how they learn best, who they are, and what they care about. The first step focuses on getting to know the student, establishing a partnership, understanding their skills and motivation level, and setting goals. I center all instruction on choice and voice. I believe that all learners learn best when they can make choices about their reading and writing skills development as well as how and when to challenge themselves, with my coaching. Similar to choice in reading, when students care about what they write, they are more motivated to put in the effort, which leads to a stronger writing voice, more success, and more confidence. With every learning objective, I teach students a step-by-step process that they can take with them into any reading and writing situation, to and through high school, college, and beyond.

When students are faced with taking a standardized test or writing their college application essay, this choice and voice is even more crucial. Rather than seeing the test as an obstacle, I help them to see it as an opportunity for growth. While the test or essay result is important, the greater long-term result is a stronger, more confident reader, writer, and person.

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